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Collection: Laurie McLachlan

After seventeen years owning a goldsmith shop in downtown Oakville, McLachlan shifted creative careers into being a painter.  Inspired by a love of colour, abstract painting allows her to express emotion in a visual way.

As an avid traveler McLachlan has always sought out galleries wherever she has gone, the imprint of colourful world art continues to influence her solitary practice.

Through mark making, layering mediums and brushstrokes McLachlan uses acrylic paint, graphite pencils and pastels on canvas and paper to create engaging, loose and often playful compositions.

"While my inner feelings inspire the work, it is the viewers’ own emotional responses to the images that bring the paintings to life." - Laurie McLachlan on her works. 

Into her fourth year of painting, McLachlan has had the pleasure of working in various colour palettes which anchor her practice. Leaving much up to the imagination of the viewer, her goal is to facilitate a deeply personal experience for the onlooker - a meeting of sensibilities through shapes, gestural lines and a joyful use of colour.

Laurie McLachlan
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