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Exceptional quality, professional grade Acrylic Mediums designed to meet the demands of today’s acrylic artist.

Holbein’s 6 Pastes and 7 Gels along with 3 Base Gesso painting grounds are sure to support all of your artistic creativity. 

Available in unique poly bags which use less packaging than standard rigid plastic containers, resulting in less post-consumer waste. Poly bags are tough, durable and designed to stand up for easy storage.

Utilizing the best traditional organic pigments as well as the latest and the most up to date inorganic pigments, Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic affords the user seamless and effortless mixing and thinning.

Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic has a unique texture similar to that of extra fine oils. The acrylic body is brushable and will retain any peaks or ridges created when applied in thick applications.

Acrylic Mediums
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