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The Stoneground Paint Co. creates its handmade gouache by combining the world’s finest pigments and premium French chalk with a binder made from water, gum arabic, and wildflower honey. 

Gouache differs from watercolour in that it is defined as an opaque layer of colour, where watercolour is noted for its transparency.  Gouache is often used over watercolour to suggest highlights, and is also noted for its matte, opaque finish when used on its own.

Modern Colours

We define our modern colours as those developed and discovered after 1704, which was when the accidental discovery of Prussian Blue occurred.  The colours we classify as such contain organic and inorganic pigments and are typically characterized by their intense and bright appearance.

Traditional Colours

Our traditional colours have been used by artists for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years.  These are primarily inorganic pigments such as iron oxides, green earths, as well as the popular umber and sienna pigments of the Renaissance. In some instances, the modern equivalent of a traditional pigment has been included here, for example, Titanium White, which has replaced toxic Lead White in artist’s materials.

Designer Series

Stoneground’s Designer Colours have been developed with convenience in mind and are a collection of ready-made gouache in a rainbow of hues.

Flourescent Series

Stoneground’s Fluorescent Colours offer bright, intense neon hues perfect for capturing special effects in watercolour paintings or in gouache.  These colours offer the greatest intensity when used on white paper.  Fluorescent pigments are not lightfast and will eventually lose their intensity.

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