Welcome Everyone to Preston Gallery

Preston Gallery is located at 77 Brock St. West in Uxbridge, Ontario. The gallery opened its doors in May 2018 with the goal of helping connect artists to those looking for art, and to bring art to the community in an approachable way.

The gallery focuses on showing new work each month from different artists. 

Emerging and established artists are all invited to submit work for review.  

We are artist-run and here to support artists!  We have worked to keep our monthly hanging fee low with a low commission. 

The gallery does have a monthly fee to hang (this covers insurance of all work hung in the gallery and staffing, among other things) of $160* plus HST - a 25% commission will be taken on all sales. This is for 6ft horizontal space (not per piece!). Most artists hang between 3-10 works per month depending on the size of the works.

Best of all - as soon as your piece sells and it's off to its new home, we invite you to drop off works to replace it throughout the month or leave an extra few pieces.

What type of artists are we looking for?

Preston Gallery is looking for all types of Canadian artists - everything from painting to fibre work.  

We are open to all artists at all stages of their careers - please send photographs or a digital portfolio of your recent work when applying. Our artists are accepted on a juried basis. Artists are welcome to submit works at any time, our shows run for one month and new artists are constantly accepted. 

Preston Gallery is proud to be a Canadian gallery and represent Canadian artists. All work must be produced in Canada - please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

All hanging work must have D-hooks and wire - this can be provided at the gallery for a small fee if needed.   

Works on 3/4" canvas or board that are unframed will not accepted - works must be on gallery depth canvas/panel or framed. 

All work displayed in the Gallery must be for sale. 


Options for showing with us 2024:

3-month package -  The cost for the 3-month package is $160/month - totalling $480 plus HST. A 50% deposit ($240 plus HST) is due upon sign up. These three months can be all together or spread out throughout the year.

Artists can choose to show for additional months at $160 per additional month in addition to the 3-month package.

For artists wishing to sign up for a single month - single months are $180 per month - a 25% commission will be taken on all sales.

Artists will be paid for any sales at the end of each month.  

All works shown with us must be made for sale through the gallery.

We are limiting the number of artists that have work displayed each month to make sure each artist's work is showcased - we have set this number to six (6) artists whose work will hang on the walls and two (2) Sculpture Artists.  

Each artist will have approximately 6ft wide of wall space spread throughout the gallery (roughly 3-10 works depending on size).  

We do have two large windows for displaying works - we have had these covered in a 99.9% UV blocking film to protect works from sun damage.

We will be providing social media, marketing, website and professional photographers of all work displayed.  We are also currently working on additional events that can be held in the gallery.

Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in displaying work. Sabrina Leeder - sabrina@prestongallery.com 

Works must be picked up at the end of each show - works left longer than 90 days (from the end of the show) will become property of the gallery. 


Online only artists:

Preston Gallery accepts returning gallery artists to keep works for sale online (artists must have book at least 1 month with us).  There is no fee for showing online with us, and we welcome our online artists to join us back in person anytime.  Only sales are subject to a higher commission fee of 35% for artists who have not shown in person within the last 6 months. 

We take every precaution to make sure we mark works as sold and update pages regularly, we and our clients love new work - feel free to update your online available work anytime by e-mailing photos and information to the gallery.  We ask artists to check their pages time too time to make sure work displayed is up to date with titles, sizes and prices. 

**Preston Gallery is not responsible for damages to works - we make every effort to make sure this does not happen while your work is in our care.**

The gallery holds the right to turn down works upon arrival if they do not meet our standards. 




77 Brock St West Uxbridge, Ontario

About the Owner - Artist in residence 

Sabrina Leeder is the owner and operator behind Preston Gallery.   A photographer herself Preston Gallery was created from an idea to give other artists a place to show their work.  Leeder graduated from OCAD University in 2016 and has successfully run her own business BiA Photography

Leeder is passionate about supporting local Canadian artists and businesses and looks forward to helping people find the perfect piece of artwork for their space.