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One of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional artists’ materials, Holbein Artist Materials, the trading company, and Holbein Works, the colour factory collectively employ 210 people, including 5 colour chemists.

Holbein colour chemists, using only the finest pigments available, have achieved the highest standards of quality control in the industry, working to precise standards at each stage of the manufacturing process. The result is unerring consistency from production run to production run.

Holbein is unique in the art material trade because they do not produce any entry level/student quality color products. Each of the 16 artists’ grade colour lines is adapted to meet the special requirements of the professional/serious artists with permanence, brilliance, and technique in mind. Indeed, the full range of Holbein colour products offer unique characteristics which set them apart from all competitive lines regardless of origin.  These paints are the best choice for artists at any point in their career.

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