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Sculptor, Painter, Designer and Furniture Designer.

Danny Perkins is above all a great lover of nature and animals. He grew up on his parents' farm near Danville, Quebec where he spent almost his entire life as a farmer. Art came to him through a visceral need to create. Perkins is a self-taught artist, his first works were largely inspired by elements found on the farm but with time, he perfected his art.

Now working with a much wider range of inspiration. One of his great pleasures is to take something out of its original context and use it to create something new. For example, taking a piece of farm equipment and turning it into a sculpture.

Once in his hands, this piece will become a true work of art. His strength lies in using minimalist lines and giving a lightness effect to his pieces even though they are made of raw materials such as iron, steel and wood.

He designs almost exclusively all his pieces by hand. For him, it is a way to make them more organic and to make them radiate a beautiful positive energy.

Endowed with an immense curiosity and overflowing with an inexhaustible imagination, he pushes his limits as far as possible with each of his works.

Perkins is a man of incredible energy (it is not uncommon to see him finish a piece in the wee hours of the morning), he is also an eternal optimist, and above all, he is an artist who never ceases to touch and conquer the hearts of people all over the planet through his works of art.

Perkins works can be found in private collections across Canada, USA and Europe.  La Galerie Perkins (Danny Perkins Gallery) is the official gallery of the 2022 Canadian Royal Winter Fair. 

An artist on the radar of renowned art critics and collectors alike, don't hesitate in owning your own Perkins original today.

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Danny Perkins
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