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Stoneground Strawberry Fields - Gouache

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Strawberry Fields is a deep, opaque red perfect for a variety of applications including illustration, floral and botanical studies, still life and landscape painting.  Darker and less pink in its undertone than Winter Radish, Strawberry Fields  It has a brown undertone when compared with the magenta undertone of Rhubarb Pie.

Artist Notes:  This is a deep intense hue that can be used full strength for opaque, luscious reds, and diluted to create a range of vivid strawberry reds.  When combined with Titanium White, Strawberry Fields creates a vivid pink with a duller undertone than the bubblegum pinks created when Titanium White is mixed with Rhubarb Pie or Winter Radish.

Opacity:  Opaque

Paint Maker’s Notes:  Strawberry Fields is a combination of Carmine (PR 254) and Burnt Umber (PBr 7)

Pigment Number:  PR 254 + PBr 7

Pigment Composition:  Diketopyrrolo pyrrole + Calcined natural iron oxide containing manganese.

Pigment Type:  Synthetic organic + Natural inorganic

Lightfastness:  Not Rated

Toxicity:  Non Toxic