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Stoneground - Roman Black (Earth Colour - Half Pan)

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A warm black that is useful for a variety of applications, Roman Black reads as being almost brown when compared to other carbon-based blacks. It is useful for landscapes, botanicals, and wildlife, not to mention monochromatic and architectural studies.

Artist’s Notes: The warm brown undertone in Roman Black makes it an effective choice for wildlife. Use Roman Black to render subjects as varied as old dirt roads, fir tree bark, or for monochrome work and urban sketching. Add Chromium Oxide to Roman Black to create murky water.

Paint Maker’s Notes: Roman Black is a natural black earth comprised of iron oxide, which is produced from magnetite ore, and is mined from slate deposits in the vicinity of Rome, Italy.

Transparency: Semi-Transparent

Staining: Semi-Staining

Granularity: Semi-Granular

Pigment Number: PBk 11

Pigment Type: Synthetic Inorganic

Pigment Composition: Iron oxide

Lightfastness: Not Rated

Toxicity: Non Toxic