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Stoneground - Phthalo Green - Yellow Shade (Synthetic - Half Pan)

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One of the most popular green pigments available today, Phthalo Greens makes a versatile mixing colours, and have become invaluable to modern watercolour artists. Phthalo Green Yellow Shade is a bright bottle green with a yellow undertone and is warmer than Phthalo Green Blue Shade.

Artist Notes: Combine Phthalo Green Yellow Shade with any of our blues to create a stunning range of blue-greens. Phthalo Green Yellow Shade is one of the most popular colours for mixing bright, vibrant colours, and isn’t as dominating in mixtures as Phthalo Green Blue Shade.

Paint Maker’s Notes: Phthalo Green Yellow Shade occurs when bromine is added to chlorinated copper phthalocyanine.

Transparency: Transparent

Staining: Staining

Granularity: Non-Granular

Pigment Number: PG 36

Pigment Type: Synthetic Organic

Pigment Composition: Chlorinated and bromated copper phthalocyanine

Lightfastness: I - Excellent

Toxicity: Non Toxic