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Stoneground - Mayan Red (Earth Colour - Half Pan)

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Contemporary Mayan pigments are made in the tradition of the Mayan civilization of the Americas.  Made by precipitating organic dyes onto a clay base, these hybrid pigments are non-toxic, lightfast, and permanent.

Mayan Red is a deep earth red that mixes with others, and is very useful in botanicals when combined with Quinacridone Magenta or Pozzuoli Earth Red, which result in vibrant reds and oranges with loads of depth and complexity. Alternatively, Mayan Red creates dark and moody browns when combined with Roman Black or Mayan Indigo Blue. Combine Mayan Red with Titanium Buff for an interesting muted rose red.

  • Lightfast

  • Permanent

  • Non-toxic

  • Semi-staining

  • Semi-granular

  • Semi-transparent

  • Pigment Number: N/A