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Stoneground - Manganese Violet (Synthetic - Half Pan)

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Attractive in full strength and in glazes, Manganese Violet is a red leaning violet that works particularly well in floral paintings and landscapes.

Artist Notes: Manganese Violet is wonderful to use in landscape paintings, and is an excellent choice for painting atmospheric skies. Mix Manganese Violet with blues to create the impression of distant hills, or combine with yellow ochres to create golden browns effective in botanical studies.

Paint Maker’s Notes: Manganese Violet, also known as Mineral Violet or Nuremberg Violet, was developed as a more affordable alternative to Cobalt Violet. It quickly became a favourite pigment of the French Impressionists, many using it to capture the fleeting effects of light in their artworks.

Transparency: Semi-Transparent

Staining: Semi-Staining

Granularity: Semi-Granular

Pigment Number: PV 16

Pigment Type: Synthetic Inorganic

Pigment Composition: Manganese ammonium pyrophosphate

Lightfastness: I - Excellent

Toxicity: Non Toxic