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Stoneground - Hooker's Green (Synthetic - Half Pan)

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Hooker’s Green is the perfect complement for botanical, landscape, still life, and illustration work. This dull green is very popular among artists thanks to its ability to mimic natural greens found in nature.

Artist’s Notes: Combine with Cobalt Aquamarine for interesting turquoise greens or add it to Aureolin for earthy yellow greens.

Paint Maker’s Notes: This deep green is named for English botanical artist William Hooker. By combining Prussian Blue and Gamboge, Hooker created a green vibrant enough for his botanical paintings, and one that would be named in his honour with the advent of synthetic pigments.

Transparency: Semi-Transparent

Staining: Semi-Staining

Granularity: Semi-Granular

Pigment Number: PG 7

Pigment Type: Synthetic Inorganic; organic pigment on a mineral base

Pigment Composition: Organic pigment on a mineral base

Lightfastness: II – Very Good

Toxicity: Non Toxic