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Stoneground - Graphite (Mineral Colour - Half Pan)

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Graphite is a natural pigment best known for its use in pencils. In watercolour, however, Graphite has a subtle shimmer and is perfect for creating dramatic skies, rainy pavement, and adding a pencil-like quality to sketches and paintings.

Artist Notes: Graphite’s semi-granular nature can be used to great effect on cold pressed paper when textural effects are desired. Graphite leaves a subtle iridescent finish on paper when dry.

Paint Maker’s Notes: Graphite is a type of carbon most associated with pencil leads.

Transparency: Semi-Transparent

Staining: Staining

Granularity: Semi-Granular

Pigment Number: PBk 10

Pigment Type: Synthetic Organic

Pigment Composition: Crystallized carbon

Lightfastness: Not Rated

Toxicity: Non Toxic