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Stoneground Gouache - Peacock Blue

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This jewel-toned blue-green was inspired by the vibrant feathers of the peacock.  

Artist Notes:  Peacock Blue mixes well with other colours and can be used in full strength for enchanting darks.  Combine with Maritime Pine for colours found at the horizon of landscape studies, or mix with Nickel Titanium Yellow for intense greens.

Opacity:  Opaque

Paint Maker’s Notes:  Peacock Blue is a combination of Ultramarine Blue (PB 29) + Phthalo Green Blue Shade (PG 7)

Pigment Number:  PB 29 + PG 7

Pigment Type:  Synthetic Organic

Pigment Composition:  Complex silicate of sodium and aluminum with sulfur + Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine

Lightfastness:  Not Rated

Toxicity:  Non Toxic