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Stoneground Gouache - Hellebore Purple

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Hellebore Purple is a dull, nearly black purple inspired by the spring blooms of black hellebore flowers.  A moody and dark maroon-violet, Hellebore Purple is our darkest modern gouache colour.

Artist Notes:  This dramatic hue is an excellent choice for dark botanicals and for capturing shadows in landscapes.  Combine with yellows for interesting and complex browns found in autumn grasses and leaves.

Opacity:  Opaque

Paint Makers Notes:  Hellebore Purple is a combination of Quinacridone Violet (PV 19), Raw Umber (PBr 7), and Iron Oxide Black (PBk 11)

Pigment Number:  PV 19 + PBr 7 + PBk 11

Pigment Type:  Synthetic Organic + Natural Inorganic + Synthetic Inorganic

Pigment Composition:  gamma Quinacridone + Calcined natural iron oxide containing manganese + Iron oxide

Lightfastness:  Not Rated

Toxicity:  Non Toxic