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Stoneground Gouache - Blue Jay

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Blue Jay is an excellent choice for still life works, skyscapes, and seascapes. This blue is cooler than Ultramarine Blue, and a versatile choice for the cool blue on a palette.

Artists Notes: Valuable for mixing green shades of all types, combine it with Cedar Leaf for interesting and complex teal greens.

Opacity: Opaque

Paint Makers Notes: Blue Jay is a combination of Ultramarine Blue (PB 29), Phthalo Blue (PB 15:3), and Titanium White (PW 6)

Pigment Number: PB 29 + PB 15:3 + PW 6

Pigment Type: Synthetic Inorganic + Synthetic Organic

Pigment Composition: Complex silicate of sodium and aluminum with sulfur, copper phthalocyanine, and titanium dioxde

Lightfastness: Not Rated

Toxicity: Non-Toxic