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Stoneground Gouache - Beetroot Purple

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This happy red-violet hue is reminiscent of the colour of beets and mixes well with others making it an excellent addition to any palette.  Beetroot Purple is brighter than Saskatoon Berry, and more violet than Rowe’s Garden

Artist Notes:  Use Beetroot Purple at full strength in a variety of applications, including botanicals and florals.  Combine with yellows for interesting and complex browns that work well in landscapes.

Opacity:  Opaque

Paint Makers Notes:  Beetroot Purple is a combination of Quinacridone Violet (PV 19) and Titanium White (PW 6)

Pigment Number:  PV 19 + PW 6

Pigment Type:  Synthetic organic + Synthetic inorganic

Pigment Composition:  gamma Quinacridone and Titanium dioxide

Lightfastness:  Not Rated

Toxicity:  Non Toxic