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Stoneground - Chromium Oxide Green (Earth Colour - Half Pan)

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Chromium Oxide Green is an opaque, dull, medium green, very useful for mixing a range of greens when mixed with a range of yellows, greens, and blue.

Artist Notes: Chromium Oxide Green is useful for mixing a range of greens. Combined with India Yellow it creates warm olive greens, and when added to Phthalo Green Blue Shade it makes interesting turquoise hues.

Paint Maker’s Notes: One of the most common uses for chromium oxide pigments is in military camouflage paint.

Transparency: Opaque

Staining: Staining

Granularity: Semi-Granular

Pigment Number: PG 17

Pigment Type: Synthetic Inorganic

Pigment Composition: Chromium oxide

Lightfastness: I - Excellent

Toxicity: Non Toxic