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Stoneground - Carmine (Synthetic - Half Pan)

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Carmine is a very staining, intense primary red useful in a variety of watercolour applications. Incredibly versatile, Carmine mixes well with other colours, and is an excellent non-toxic alternative to Cadmium Reds. While similar in appearance to Pyrrole Red, Carmine is more intense and opaque when used at full strength.

Artist’s Notes: This clean, intense bright clean red mixes beautifully with others, and creates lovely tints when combined with Titanium White or Zinc White. Carmine is very useful where intense colour is required.

Paint Maker’s Notes: This brilliant red is named in honour of the historic pigment Carmine, which was initially made from the crushed bodies of scale insects, also known as cochineal.

Transparency: Semi-Transparent

Staining: Staining

Granularity: Non-Granular

Pigment Number: PR 254

Pigment Type: Synthetic Organic

Pigment Composition: Diketopyrrolo Pyrrole

Lightfastness: Not Rated

Toxicity: Non Toxic