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Stoneground - Burnt Sienna Crimson Shade (Earth Colour - Half Pan)

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Sienna pigments, including Burnt Sienna, are some of the most widely used earth colours. Like other earths, such as Ochers and Umbers, Sienna pigments are sourced from clay containing iron oxide.  When left in its natural state, we call this pigment Raw Sienna. When Raw Sienna is heated, hematite - an oxide mineral - is produced, resulting in the rich reddish-brown colour associated with Burnt Sienna Crimson.

This rich red-orange of this particular pigment lends itself to unique mixtures with other colours, or can be used on its own. Burnt Sienna Crimson is useful in botanicals, portraits, landscapes, and wildlife paintings.

  • Lightfast

  • Permanent

  • Non-toxic

  • Semi-staining

  • Non-granular

  • Semi-transparent

  • Pigment Number: PBr7