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Kama Laca Orange Oil paint

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This Kama Laca Orange Oil paint is perfect for any artist looking for a high-quality product. It's made with walnut oil, providing an excellent viscosity and a beautiful semi-gloss finish. Paintings will last longer, as the walnut oil provides exceptional longevity. Made in Canada, this oil paint is perfect for an artist looking to create a masterpiece.

  • pigment(s): Titanium dioxide, quinacridone red, Phthalocyanine green, hansa yellow medium, benzimidazolone orange - Pw6, Pv19, Pg7, Po36, Py74
  • vehicule: walnut oil
  • series: 2
  • opacity: opaque
  • drying time (thin coat): 1 Days
  • drying time (thick coat): 4 Days