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Kama Fluorescent Magenta Oil Paint

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This Kama Fluorescent Magenta Oil Paint is expertly crafted with walnut oil for superior performance and durability. Made in Canada with great attention to detail, this paint is perfect for bringing a unique and vibrant colour to your artwork.

  • pigment(s): Fluorescent Magenta
  • vehicule: walnut oil
  • series: 3
  • opacity: semi-transparent
  • drying time (thin coat): 2 Days
  • drying time (thick coat): 7 Days

IMPORTANT The fluorescent pigments contained in this oil paint colour provide unique effects and hues. For the best results, use the colour alone without mixing it with other shades.

Since fluorescent pigments have limited lightfastness, below what is generally required for artists’ paints, all colours made using these should not be exposed to direct natural sunlight otherwise these colours could fade significantly.