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Kama Flesh Tone Oil Paint

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Kama Flesh Tone Oil Paint is an oil paint offering professional quality and vibrant colour. It is crafted using walnut oil, making it ideal for professional artists looking for a smooth paint. Made in Canada, this efficient and reliable paint is perfect for any artistic project.

  • pigment(s): titanium dioxide, Natural iron oxides, Diarylide yellow, Sodium Aluminum Sulfo-silicate, Dihydroxyanthraquinone, Monoazo yellow, - Pw 6, Py 43, Pbr 7, Py 83, Pb 29, Py 3 Pr 83
  • vehicule: walnut oil
  • series: 2
  • opacity: semi-transparent
  • drying time (thin coat): 2 Days
  • drying time (thick coat): 6 Days