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Kama Encaustic Medium, Cold Beeswax Paste

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Kama's beeswax paste is made of only two ingredients : beeswax and turpentine.

It is a traditional oil painting medium that has many uses. In particular, it may be used to thicken and stabilize artists oil paints thus resulting in a more uniform consistency. This is especially true when making oil your oil paints from dry pigments.

It can also be used as a general thickening agent in combination with other oil painting medium or paint, use it as a varnish over a finished oil painting to get a nice matte finish that can be buffed.

This medium is also referred as cold wax because it allow the user to add wax to it’s paint or medium without having to melt anything. Over time the turpentine will evaporate and only the beeswax will be left.

Lastly, the oil painting technique referred to as cold encaustic is done using a base of wax, oil and solvent, as found in this beeswax paste.


  • naturally bleached beeswax
  • gum turpentine rectified
  • contains turpentine : use in a well ventilated area