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Derwent 34202 Graphic Pencils, Metal Tin, 24 Count

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Ready, Set, Draw! A good drawing starts with a good graphite pencil!

All artist start with the right tools, no matter of just sketching for fun or doing an in-depth drawing this is the perfect set for both beginners and professionals alike.

This full set includes an amazing range of pencils - everything you could need to complete your dream drawing.  This set of 24 pencils includes a easy to store tin.

  • STURDY PRECISION -With a hexagonal barrel, you gain greater precision for drawings. Hard (H) degrees have a 2.2 mm core for sharp lines. Black (B) soft degrees use a 3.5mm core for softer lines
  • BROAD RANGE -Derwent offers a comprehensive range of 20 degrees to help you achieve your vision. Choose from the popular HB pencil, the fine and crisp 9H, or soft and smudgy 9B
  • VERSATILE EXECUTION -Our wide range lets you choose the pencil that fits your artistic concept. Whether used for blending, illustrations or shading, our pencils will help express your vision
  • STRONG CORE -The core sharpens to a fine, long-lasting point, great for emphasizing even the smallest details. The fine point allows for professional-level precision on your most intricate images