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Cardinal Sculpture by Daniella Boerhof

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Featuring a cardinal crafted from metal, this sculpture by Daniella Boerhof is the perfect whimsical accent to any room. Its simple yet eye-catching design will add a hint of avian flair to any space! It's the perfect way to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Chirp, chirp!

Cardinal Sculpture by Daniella Boerhof

Hand Cut and Painted - Freestanding Metal Sculptures 

These pieces may rust if left outside - the paint and varnish does protect them though.  pre drilled holes for mounting in the bottom plate for easy install. 

Cardinal 1 Measures Approx: 7.5in tall x 5.5in wide 

Cardinal 2 Measures Approx: 7in tall x 5.5in wide 

Cardinal 3 Measures Approx: 9in tall x 6in wide 

Cardinal 4 Measures Approx: 5.5in tall x 6.75in wide

Cardinal 5 Measures Approx: 8.75in x 6.25in wide