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Beam Travel Card

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Looking to send someone or yourself the perfect little pickle up?  These Travel cards from Beam Paints are the perfect answer. 

This includes 13 different colours and is perfect for slipping into any bag for painting on the go. 


Spectrum 11 - Travel Card

Niibin Giizis’aande-Summer Sun Red-Pr 170

Wiigwaasmin’aande-Cherry Red PR122 

Kosmaan-Pumpkin-Pr 170-PY74 

Kizheb’aande- Morning Peach-Ochre pw6

Dwaagi aadzibuk’aande-Fall Poplar Yellow-PY74

Ziigwun’aande-Spring Green- PY74, PB15.1

Piitchi waawnun’aande-Robin’s Egg Blue- PG7, PW6

Gchigaaming’aande-Great Ocean- PB29

Geygah Nakshek-Almost Night PB15.1

Gaatchi’Waaskonense’aande-Lavender PV23 PW6

Classic Gold 


Min Boahjihgeh -  Sweet Dreams (gouache)

Ginii’aande-Wild Rose PR122, PW6

Kizheb’aande-Morning colour (peach)ochre PR101, PW6


Zhaaw’bmide’aande-Butter-PY74, PW6

Mememgwanh’waaskoneh’aande-Milkweed(bitterly flower colour) PY74, PB15.1, PW6 

Piitchii Waawnun’aande-Robins Egg PG7, PW7

Mkwum’aande-Ice colour PB29, PW6

Gaatchi’Waaskonense-Lavender PV23, PW6 

Ngwanquat-Grey Ultra (cloud) PB29, PR 101, PY74, PW6

Classic Gold (powdered bronze)

Limestone White-PW6