2024 Juried Show

Click here to view and purchase the works that have been selected for the 2024 juried show.

Show runs in person April 4th - April 30th

Meet the Artists -  Sunday April 21st 4pm - 6pm 



The list for of our 2024 Juried show artists is:

  • Aefa Mulholland
  • Allison Gauthier
  • Anshul Sharma
  • Ben Sheldon
  • Celeste Kim
  • Christina Margaretha

  • Daniella Boerhof

  • Denise Brooker
  • Gwen Park
  • Hilary Leopold
  • Jennifer Raetsen
  • Jaime McGill
  • Jane Butler
  • Joanne Toth
  • Jocelyn Greenwood
  • Kate Greenway
  • Kerry Viggiani
  • Leah Olsen-Kent
  • Lynda Nabuurs
  • Lynn Vissers
  • Mary Perkins
  • Megan Cleland
  • Monique van Wel
  • Pavla Horsak
  • Raquel Roth
  • Robin Potter
  • Robin vandervleuten
  • Sharon Nielsen
  • Sheila King
  • Steph Law
  • Szende Tunderligeti
  • Valerie May
  • Wei Yan


A big thank you to our jurors! They did not have an easy choice with so many amazing artists submitting works - unfortunately we couldn't accept all.

Our Jurors

Nancy R Chalut

Nancy R. Chalut is a native of Hamilton.   She took a BA from University of Guelph, holds a Certificate of Qualification in Industrial Woodworking, studied Interior Design at Sheridan College, Oakville and taught Industrial Woodworking and Design at Mohawk College, Hamilton.She studied drawing methods of the Renaissance Masters under Pauline Bradshaw 2004-2007,oil painting under Anne-Marie Kornachuk 2008-2011 and attended workshops with John Angel and Dwayne Hardy.Nancy is an inducted member of the Ontario Society of Artists as of 2015.
Participating in over forty juried shows, she has received Jurors’ Choice and HonourableMention Awards. Her highest achievement to date being selected by the OSA for live and online exhibition in the Lieutenant Governors’ Suite, Queens Park.
Nancy competed in Olympic Style Archery ranking fifth in Canada earning her the opportunity to compete in Commonwealth Trials in 2010.


Danny Perkins 

Danny Perkins is above all a great lover of nature and animals. He grew up on his parents' farm near Danville, Quebec where he spent almost his entire life as a farmer. Art came to him through a visceral need to create. Perkins is a self-taught artist, his first works were largely inspired by elements found on the farm but with time, he perfected his art.

Now working with a much wider range of inspiration. One of his great pleasures is to take something out of its original context and use it to create something new. For example, taking a piece of farm equipment and turning it into a sculpture.

He designs almost exclusively all his pieces by hand. For him, it is a way to make them more organic and to make them radiate a beautiful positive energy.

Endowed with an immense curiosity and overflowing with an inexhaustible imagination, he pushes his limits as far as possible with each of his works.

Danny is also the owner of La Galerie Perkins in Quebec and has travelled with the gallery across Canada and the USA representing artists.