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Viking Knit Copper Bracelet Workshop - November 24

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Instructor: Daina Schreiber (Quirky Calico Designs)

Date: November 24, 2023

Duration: 3hr (6pm to 9pm)

Viking Knit (also known as Trichinopoly Chain) is the ancient art form of circular knitting. Although it is often attributed to the Norse, examples of this knitting can be seen in many other ancient civilisations. These cultures used Viking knit in jewelry as well as to adorn clothing and sacred vessels. 

This workshop will teach you the basic Viking knit technique. You will learn how to knit copper wire around a dowel to create a wild snake chain. But, don’t be afraid of this snake. You will tame this snake as you draw it through a drawplate. Once your snake is tamed, you will adorn it with beads creating a simple bracelet. After completing this workshop, you will be on your way to becoming a snake charmer!

Although some wire work experience is recommended, this basic Viking knit bracelet is a beginner level class that anyone can do.

The class kit includes all the wire, beads and findings you will need to complete the bracelet. A dowel, drawplate and a few other optional tools will be provided to each student to use during the class.

Tools you will need for the class - flush cut pliers, 2 pairs of smooth pliers (chain, needle, bent, or flat nose), and round nose pliers (or small bail-making pliers). A limited number of these tools will be available to borrow during the class.

As we will be working with fine wire, please bring visual aids (glasses, magnifiers etc), if you need them.

Class Fee (incl. kit,  tool use) - $45