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The Way Forward by Jacquie Sullivan

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The Way Forward by Jacquie Sullivan - Lino Cut Print

This print is based on photos taken during one of Jaquie's personal canoe trips in her home province of Ontario, Canada.

So many things have changed and many people find themselves setting and striving for new goals, and in need of establishing a new balance between time alone and making an effort to reconnect with friends and family.  Eye on the horizon, this adventurer is quietly assessing the way forward, and hoping the future will bring clear skies and a calm heart.

Image Size : 6 “ x 8”
Paper Size: 9” x 12”
Paper Type:
• Black on warm white Stonehenge paper (250 gsm –a heavy, lightly textured, traditional fine art paper)

*Limited Edition - Each print is signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. There are 12 prints total in this edition.

Unframed edition 11/12