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The Messengers of the Universe by Rénald Gauthier

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The Messengers of the Universe bird series carry with them a wonderful story into your home.  Each bird is individually sculptued with great care from white clay. Before firing holes are created allowing the birds to be attached freely to their drift wood perch hanging by a piece of twine.

Hang these birds anywhere to add a colour pop to your room - they look beautiful alone or in a flock. 

The Story of The Messengers of the Universe:

They came carried by the south winds announcing the arrival of spring. As if nothing had happened, we are delighted to hear them sing, fly above our heads, play hide and seek and, in the wee hours of the morning, announce the coming of the first ray of sunshine.

Their chirps, their songs, their dances reveal to us lots of secrets, messages that our unconscious captures and analyzes. They are sensitive to our desires, to our wishes, to the messages that we want to launch into the universe so that they come true.

And, when the cold weather comes, following the shortened hours of light and sun, when the announcement of the return comes, they will regroup with all our messages in mind, creating the energy necessary to fly in space. sacred of the universe.

- Rénald Gauthier