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Stoneground Atlantic Palette (Large)

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Stoneground’s Large Atlantic Palette contains fourteen half pans of our handmade watercolour paint in a metal tin. Capture the serenity or anger of the ocean, create stunning light effects from fog to sunset on the water, to sunny, bright surf and thunderous waves.

Inspired by a trip to the Maritimes, this collection of warm and cool colours is perfect for capturing all types of land or waterscape, and is a wonderful choice for creating dramatic sunsets and skies.

Colours include;

  • Felsite - PY43

  • Hansa Yellow - PY74

  • Brilliant Orange - PO36

  • Pozzuoli Earth Red - PR101

  • Pyrrole Red - PR254

  • Manganese Violet - PV16

  • Indanthrone Blue - PB60

  • Ultramarine Blue - PB29

  • Cobalt Aquamarine - PB36

  • Prussian Blue - PB27

  • Mayan Indigo Blue - PN/A

  • Mayan Green - PN/A

  • Hooker’s Green - PG8

  • Grey Ochre - PN/A