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Purple Sapphire Twig Pendant in Sterling Silver and 18k gold by Monique Van Wel

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Natural rose cut purple Sapphire is set in Sterling Silver +18k accent and 4 hand pierced hearts(my signature)on the back of the stone and comes with a 16" silver chain.

This stone shows part of the mineral structure on the top and back, making this piece extra magical.

Kinda showing its hidden core/essence, perfect as a reminder to its owner to horror your inner flame/desires.  This Design is part of the "Journey collection"

The twig representing our life path and the stone (sapphire) a special event or stage in your life.  It is also a talisman and reminder to protect and honour self and to stay close to your own heart's desire.

The simple style of this pendant makes it so perfect for any occasion.

Necklace length: 16 Inches 
Pendant height: 33 Millimetres
Pendant width: 20 Millimetres
Materials: Sterling Silver, 18k gold
Gemstone: Sapphire