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Perpetual Reusable Birthday Calendar by Jacquie Sullivan

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This calendar was digitally printed from Jacquie's original hand-printed linocut images and letterpress page layouts.

The concept was inspired by the opportunity Jacquie had to live in The Netherlands for 2 years, where she reconnected with her Dutch heritage and travelled widely across Europe, documenting through photography the beautiful & historical urban details she encountered along the way - such as these manhole covers, which later turned into linocut souvenirs.

A verjaardagskalender is a traditional Dutch birthday calendar - which is often hung in a home's bathroom! - so it seemed fitting that my calendar take that format.

While it was designed as a perpetual calendar, to be used year after year to keep track of birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other yearly special occasions, it can of course also be used as an annual calendar, if you so choose!

Individual Image Sizes: Cover – 5” x 5” / Individual months - 4” x 4”
Calendar Paper Size: 8” x 14”, with black metal spiral binding and hanger at top
Paper Type: 100 lb. Classic Crest Eggshell, with heavy stock black paper backer