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Magnolia Memories, Multi Colour Edition by Jacquie Sulliavan

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This is the third variation of this Magnolia print that Jacquie has printed – but this was the initial vision and she is so pleased to see it fully realized!

This is the largest linocut Jacquie has created to date, and what a journey it has been! Born out of a desire to pay homage to the memory of a beautiful magnolia tree that was in the backyard of her temporary home in The Netherlands, it symbolizes Jacquie's continued evolution and personal growth while pursuing my passion for printmaking since her return to Canada.

It also speaks to the fleeting nature of the ephemeral blooms – a beauty here and gone in such a short period of time each spring, and then living on only in memory for the rest of the year. Jacquie sees them as a reflection of human life too, which passes in the seeming blink of an eye and then continues to live on in the memory of those touched by their existence.

While attractively elegant in shape, Saucer Magnolia blossoms appear to be a tough, hard flower, not as delicate as other species. And yet they’re not as hardy as they look and are in fact as sensitive as any other flower to changes in temperature, frost, sun and soil quality. Just as humans, we too must sometimes put on a hard exterior shell for protection and survival, and yet our interior life is equally as fragile as the next. It hurts to be vulnerable to the world around us, and so we put on a brave mask to camouflage the pain. But how liberating when conditions are right and needs are met, when we can bloom into our true self – as ephemeral as that state may be. There lies the beauty and magic in reality. There lies hope.


Paper Size: 12” x 18”
Paper Type: white Stonehenge (250g – a heavy, traditional fine art paper)

Unframed Edition: 7/22

*Limited Edition - Each print is signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. There are 22 prints total in this edition.

PROCESS | Relief printmaking is a handmade technique and therefore slight variations in paper and ink colour, opacity, texture and registration can occur, lending each print its own unique character. Sullivan believes that subtle signs of the maker's hand at work make original art works even more special, and I hope you'll agree!

Linocut: A hand-carved linoleum plate was hand-inked with oil-based printmaking inks and printed onto archival printmaking paper using her Showcard proof press and hand-burnishing.