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Veg Tan Leather Apron by Hyde Ends Leather

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New and improved eco-friendly Vegetable Tanned Leather Aprons.  These 100% genuine leather aprons offer superior quality leather with improved high quality solid nickel or brass hardware.  

Feel good knowing these aprons will age gracefully, build character through use and effortlessly cover you through all of life's messy adventures!

Each apron features unique colour combinations in various earth tones.  

One of the most versatile pieces you will own!  Wear it in the kitchen for those big cookouts to make the week go ever so smoothly, then out to the BBQ for the fun summer evenings, into the garden while potting your plants and digging those never ending weeds or into the workshop for those odd jobs you are always on the hook for!

This piece offers durability, function, simplicity and style!   Just wipe clean with a wet cloth and sling it over your head for easy wearability.  

100% Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather, solid Nickel/Brass hardware and nylon thread.

Apron #1:  Red leather with Red Leather pocket featuring premium solid Antique brass hardware.

Apron #2:  Cognac leather with Cognac pocket featuring premium solid chrome nickel hardware.