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Kama Refined and Bleached Linseed Oil

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Kama Refined and Bleached Linseed Oil  is a light coloured refined, bleached and winterized* linseed oil. It's best used as a binder in the preparation of artist oils paints where a light, clear drying oil is required.

Oil properties
CAS: 8001-26-1

Free Fatty Acid (as Oleic Acid), weight:    0.20% max.
Moisture & volatives combined, weight:    0.15% max
Colour, Gardner scale:    5 max.
Iodine Value:    175-195
Phosphorus, ppm:    5 max
    Gardner-Holdt, 25°C :    A
    centipoises @ 25°C :    ≈ 40
Specific gravity @ 25°C/25 °C :    0.92-0.93 g/ml

* Winterization is the process of separating the triglycerides found in fats and oils, using the difference in their melting points, solubility, and volatility.In the case of our oil, removing it's naturally contained waxes and other triglycerides improves it's drying properties color and film strength