Collection: Hélène Bouchard Gauthier

Hélène Bouchard is a native of Magog and grew up in a family that favored the arts as a means of expression and communication.  From an early age, she studied music, singing and piano.  After college studies in history and geography, she obtained a Multidisciplinary Bacc. and a Certificate in Art from the University of Sherbrooke.  Her main character trait is curiosity... beautiful curiosity, not indiscretion, as she insists.  A thirst for knowledge, to know in order to experiment constantly motivates her and makes her horizon line endless.  

Painting for the gesture.  

Sculpture and ceramics to feel the material.

Glass for its luminosity.  

Bonding for letting go.

Art for her is a Job and a great source of Happiness, it is a language and knows no borders because color and shapes are universal and speak all languages. 

For Hélène, creativity is not an option, it is essential and therapeutic.  She also says she admires the work and talent of others.

La Galerie Perkins owner Danny Perkins describes her work as perfectly imperfect.

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