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Allison Clayton is a graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelors of Science - Double Major in Studio Arts and Mental Health Studies. Clayton is currently pursuing a master's level program in art therapy at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. Clayton believes that art has the power to heal and can foster growth, acceptance and personal expression in one’s life, even when none was thought to exist. When speaking about her process Allison describes it as "... an escape from the fast pace of today’s society and the confusion and chaos that can sometimes define life."

Clayton takes different landscapes, whether real or imagined and inflicts her own personal emotional response onto them. Clayton paints how she feels they need to be. Clayton says "I believe in the experience found within the process of creating and how it assists in making sense of one’s physical, mental or emotional needs. I pull from the creative aspects of abstract forms and styles and merge them with the realistic to bring forth a creative approach to my work." Be sure to come see Allison's work at Preston Gallery. 

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